Juxtapolitico is a leading consulting firm in government affairs and public relations. We have a vast experience in the development of high quality, affordable marketing strategies focused on delivering custom solutions for companies, small businesses, organizations and individual for any purpose.

At Juxtapolitico, we are also focused on communication with our clients – trying to understand your goals and objectives to represent you properly and accomplish your desired results. Our goal is to ensure your satisfaction and success while delivering a strategic product which will improve your desired outcomes.

JD Rossetti

Justin “JD” Rossetti owns Juxtapolitico, a government affairs and public relations consulting firm. He is a former Washington State Representative of the 19th Legislative District and former School Board Director for Longview Public Schools. He has served as executive leadership for many non-profits, Board Member for Washington State’s Community Economic Revitalization Board and as member of Rotary International.

JD Rossetti has a 10-year track record of government relations and public administration including policy analysis, marketing, and advocacy at the local, state, and national levels adopting billion-dollar budgets and successfully passing legislative proposals. JD holds a Master’s Degree in Public Administration (MPA) at The Evergreen State College with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Public Affairs from Washington State University and an Associates of Arts in communications from Lower Columbia College.